I should have put in a post about this earlier, but we are already busy planning our July 4th event.  The Boise Tea Party was a phenomenal success as we had nearly 3,000 people march to Capitol Park, rally, and enjoy a pork roast!  I would also like to note that the Boise Police Department was outstanding and we did not have a single problem.  Thanks so much to everyone who attended and to all the volunteers (over 80) who made it such a great day.  Please check out TeaPartyBoise.com for details on the July 4th event.


We are coming down to the wire!! Tea Party Boise is expecting a fantastic turnout for April 15th. When we began planning this Tea Party, we were several small groups with the hopes of getting 500-1000 people to celebrate our freedom and make our voices heard. These small groups have combined and put together an organization that is not only planning the tax day event, but laying the groundwork for a continuing effort to restore freedom and liberty to the people as was intended by our constitution! We are now expecting a minimum of 3000 people on April 15th!! Please remember it’s not too late to be involved. Now, more than ever, we need your help to make this event something we can all be proud of. Please contact Tea Party Boise to see all the different ways you can help.

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Tea Parties in the media lately, and one thing I have heard time and again is that while the Tea Parties are a great idea, they don’t have a long term plan. One organization based in Boise, ID is planning to prove the naysayers wrong. Tea Party Boise (http://teapartyboise.com) is already working with several existing groups in western Idaho to put together a permanent group that will continue to fight for our freedom long after April 15th.

Tea Party Boise would like to offer any group an opportunity to combine forces in the future to help stem the rapid growth of government spending and the intrusion of the government into the private sector. The only requirement to join is a belief in the freedoms promised us by our founding fathers in the constitution.

Tea Party Boise is based on the idea that each individual group fighting for liberty has a worthy and needed message.  TPB doesn’t want to change your values in any way, rather they want to offer you an opportunity to combine with other worthy organizations to maximize you efforts. The idea is that a central group can put your message in front of dozens of like minded groups and individuals, and even help to funnel people without a group to yours.

Whether you are part of a group now, or just someone who wants to help and doesn’t know where to start, this is a great opportunity to create real impact that will not be ignored. For more information you can visit http://TeaPartyBoise.com or e-mail me at rightsright1@gmail.com and I will put you in touch. Keep fighting for our freedom!

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone for the Tea Party here in Boise on April 15th. We have a number of groups combining forces for this event including Tea Party Boise, Idahoans For Liberty, The New American Tea Party, and The National Tea Party. We already have several hundred confirmed to show for the big day! This is a great opportunity for anyone who feels that government growth and spending are out of control, and anyone concerned about the freedoms we see disappearing on almost a daily basis. Please remember this event is not about party politics, or fringe causes. This is a day to remind our elected reps that they work for us and not the other way around. For information please go to http://teapartyboise.com or leave a comment here.

It shouldn’t come as any shock that the Judicial Branch of our government has exceeded the power given them by our founding fathers. Although this is not a new issue (you can trace this back to Marbury v. Madison in 1803) it’s an issue that many have forgotten about. It’s great to see that Newt is still defending our constitutional and conservative values. I encourage everyone to take a look at this.

First Post — Welcome to a Spring Semester Dialogue on Judicial Supremacy

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1adodd1So all our politician friends in D.C. are “outraged”! I’m a little “outraged” too. I’m a little “outraged” that our government could own 80% of a company and have no idea that they would be paying out bonus money to the tune of $165 million. But did they know? It would seem kind of obvious to me that they did. After all it was Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd that added the amendment that provides an “exception for contractually obligated bonuses agreed on before Feb. 11, 2009” while structuring the “stimulus bill” last month. An amendment now called “the Dodd Amendment”(way to distance yourself Obama). At least Dodd doesn’t have any ties to AIG… ohhhhh, he does?? He was the single largest recipient of AIG’s campaign contributions ($103,100– more than twice the amount Obama received) and one of AIG’s largest offices is based in his home state. Hmmmm… At least he is denying that the amendment is his. Nice try.

The bright spot, according to our elected Democratic officials, is that we may be able to recoup most of this money by imposing a 91% tax on the bonus money. That’s all fine and great, except that I’m not sure I want our government having any reason to tax anyone 91%. It always starts out as a good cause, but once a law like this goes into effect, it will be referenced as an excuse to do it again.

This is yet another perfect example of what happens when the government tries it’s hand in the private sector. Medicare, Medicaid, social security- all complete failures- yet here we are again. And now the government wants to take over the healthcare system as a whole?!? When will we learn that our government has no concept of how to run a business? 

I also think we need to watch the other action that’s going on in Washington during the “outrage” over AIG. Congress is also looking at the 2010 FY Budget, and a bill that will require veterans to carry their own private health insurance. Is it a coincidence that the AIG bonus scandal(which our representatives knew about) is breaking while these two incredibly important issues are being decided? I won’t cry conspiracy… yet, but it is something that merits thought.

All I’m saying is that we need to keep the government out of the private sector, we need to stop funding companies that obviously can’t compete in a free market, and we need to keep an eye on the things that aren’t being talked about.

Hey all,  just a quick update on the Boise, Idaho area Tea Party we are having on April 15th–  We are finding out that several groups in the Treasure Valley have been working independently on this project.  We want to bring all these groups together.  One group of 1,000 will have more impact than 10 groups of 100!  If you want to get involved please go to http:// www.TeaPartyBoise.com   It’s time to stand up America!

Please remember, this day isn’t about about hard right wingers spouting off about pro-life and “Republican Values.  Those are topics for another time.  This day is for anyone, right or left, that believes government spending is out of control and that the government is taking away (in money and rights) from the private sector.  I hope to see you there!

Yes we are having a Tea Party in Idaho!  This is an opportunity to let your voice be heard.  If you have concerns about the reckless spending of our government, and the country we are leaving to our children and grandchildren join us on April 15th, 2009.  I will be posting more information on this blog as the 15th approaches.  You can also find information about it at http://politicallogos.wordpress.com or search Idaho Tea Party on Facebook.   Please feel free to post any questions or comments.

 This title works on so many levels I can’t believe it!  I could talk about earmarks, run away government spending, a complete lack of understanding for the average American, or about a dozen other hot topics. 

But I want to talk about all the blogs I keep reading about how Bush used 9/11 to slam his agenda down our throats.  Hmmmm….  If I understand all you lefties correctly, you feel that Bush used a wide spread panic in our country to take away power from the people(I’ve seen dozens of you call him a dictator). 

 If this doesn’t sound oddly familiar, you might want to hop a flight back to reality with the rest of us.  I know it’s a bumpy ride, but at least the fares are cheap.  It’s pretty obvious that the Obama administration used exactly the same tactics to push a  massive stimulus bill through congress that has a lot more to do with the liberal agenda than any kind of stimulation.  Now, i know what you are thinking.  We needed it!  It was vital to save our economy!  Yeah, yeah, I get it.  I know that Bush didn’t have a noble cause like digital TV coupons, or researching mice in San Fransisco, but cut the guy some slack,  I mean all he was doing was trying to stop people from killing innocent Americans by the thousands.  How shallow.  What was he thinking?  It’s not like 9/11 was that big of a deal.  It’s not like when Pearl Harbor was bombed or anything.  No, it was worse.  More people died on 9/11. 

Now I know it’s not “fair” to hold someone who is illegally in our country as an enemy combatant(even if they are trying to fly an airplane into a building full of innocent Americans)  in a military prison without charging him.  Oh and God forbid we would do anything to try to encourage him to tell us what other plans are in the mix for us.  Keep in mind when they get a hold of one of ours in uniform they behead them and drag them through the streets on national TV,  but I digress. 

 The point is, every body’s favorite American, Obama, just used a crisis to start implementing everything the Democratic Party has wanted for decades.  Obama just used a crisis to push through a bill no one in congress had time to read.  At least Congress got to read the Patriot Act.  And speaking of reading bills, weren’t all the bills going to be on the web for 5 days for all of America to read before they were voted on?  Weren’t we supposed to get change?  I thought special interests and pork and earmarks were supposed to go away!

Stop telling me how bad of a guy Bush is when the new regime is doing the exact same thing.  (And by the way, I don’t want to hear any of you crying about the CEO’s and the jets they flew in on, unless of course, Nancy Pelosi is the CEO of the new Socialist States of America.)  Change You Can Believe In!  It’s the same Washington games, the same overspending, the same egregious wastes of good money, and the same political maneuvering to push an agenda.  At least Bush pushed an agenda of capitalism and democracy.  At least Bush was trying to keep America safe.  All I see here is the same strategy to push a different agenda.  An agenda that leads to socialism and government dependency.  I guess there is change in the air after all.

Today’s top stories:  Obama’s going grey, 9/11 memos released, and Rush is the new leader of the Republican Party.  Are you out of your mind?  Why can’t we get the mainstream media (and the whitehouse staff) to talk about issues that are relevant?  Last I saw the dow was down almost 300 points and we are about to pass a budget with 8500 earmarks.  Why are we talking about Rush, and Bush, and  a health care summit that shouldn’t even be happening?

I’ll tell you why.  It’s a smoke and mirror show baby!  Like with any good illusionist, we are all watching one hand, while power shifts from the private sector to the government on the other.  We are laughing at Michael Steele apologizing to Rush while Obama crams 8500 earmarks wrapped up in a “budget” down our throats.  A budget (listen up Bush haters) that W refused to sign because of the earmarks and the spending increases.  But that’s ok, its “last years business”.  That’s what the Obama administration would have you believe.  How is a budget for the next 6 months “last years business”?  And how can you believe anything that comes out of Obama’s mouth when he is pushing this bill after running a campaign about “changing” the way Washington works and eliminating these earmarks? 

We are busy covering a Michael Jackson press conference while passing a bill thats going to increase taxes on everyone who makes more than $250,000 a year.  You know,  those dirtbags who started their own business and now employ the rest of us!  We are going to penalize industry with carbon taxes- I’m sure that won’t cost any jobs.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see renewable energy used more, but the fact is, at this point in time it’s just not efficient enough to make sense(Don’t worry, I’ll have a post in the near future to explain what I mean).

All I’m saying is that we all need to wake up and take a look at what’s really going on.  We have a government that is about to socialize our health care, banks, and energy departments.   We have a government that is about to spend us into super inflation.  We have a government that wants to punish people who have succeeded to give a hand out to those who never tried. 

We all sit around and talk about accountability.  Hold ourselves accountable, hold people who bought homes they couldn’t afford accountable, hold CEO’s accountable.  How bout we hold Obama accountable to do what he said he would do, and what’s best for our country?